Senate votes to ban motorcyclist profiling

[1chopper1] :18 A The state senate thinks local police departments need better reasons than the kind of vehicle being driven to stop people at a traffic checkpoint than it. The Senate has approved Senator Kurt Schaefer’s bill banning officers from stopping all motorcycles.."stop"

(Schaefer says the stops are a form of profiling and should be outlawed. His bill does not limit general traffic checkpoint operations or keep police from stopping certain kinds of vehicles as part of a legitimate criminal investigation. The House will look at the bill next.)

[1chopper2] :28 A The state senate agrees with one of its members who says roadside checkpoints that focus only on motorcyclists should be banned. Columbia Senator Kurt Schaefer has pushed his bill through the senate banning those efforts. ‘something"

[1chopper3] :22 A A state senator from Columbia complains some local police departments are setting up roadside check points that focus on motorcycles. Senator Kurt Schaefer says that’s a form of profiling that should be illegal. "that"

[1chopper4] :13 A Police checkpoints that focus only on certain kinds of vehicles will be banned under a bill approved by the state senate. The target of Senator Kurt Schaefer’s bill is checkpoints that stop every motorcyclist. He says police can legally stop certain kinds of vehicles if they are running a specific criminal investigation that is tied to that kind of vehicle."basis" (The bill won’t go to the governor until the House has approved it.)


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